The War on Flash

Since the iPad was announced, Flash has been under an almost constant attack from a number of fronts, with many declaring it a dead platform. No surprise there. People have been after Flash for years. But the Flash community has been firing back. here are a couple great responses to the proclamation of Flash’s early demise.

Everyone to their bases – Flash is under attack!
Jens C Brynildsen at Flash magazine

Flash is Dead… Long Live Flash
Devon O. Wolfgang at onebyoneblog

And some further looks at the points levied against Flash:


And another breakdown of why Flash will lead the charge and HTML 5 (and more importantly the browsers that serve it) will always play catch-up:


and a look at HTML 5 video support and it’s current issues


I think these taken together form good support for the theory that

  1. Change in the way interactive on the web works is well under way, but has a long way to go. Still never a bad thing to be at the head of the pack that bringing up the rear
  2. Flash will move forward past it’s current incarnation into something no one might yet see, but something we the Flash Developers should be on the lookout for
  3. IE does and always will suck the life out of all of us (just wanted to throw that in)


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