Road to 1.0: Patch #4 (1.0.6) Update Announcement

Version 1.0.5 of the mod was a big release with lots of new big features and bug fixes. It also completed a number of open ended functional items that were missing from the mod and even featured a couple last minute additions. It's been a popular release that's received lots of attention on the OOTP forums and has even started to bleed into discussions on online league boards as well.

As such, a number of bug fixes and few new enhacments have led to the creation of a fourth patch release, version 1.0.6. This version will be released Wednesday, August 31, 2011. Here's a rundown of the changes coming in this release:

Member Manager Tool

New to the Admin Dashboard is a true admin interface to manage site membership. Who's registered? Who's active and waiting for activation? Whose accounts are locked? Site admin's can manage these options as well as change users access permissions and roles and even add and remove them as well now. This was one of the biggest glaring omissions from the dashboard thus far and it is now finally a part of the site admin’s toolkit!

Messaging Updates

While site members gained the ability to submit public team requests in 1.0.5, there was no mechanism to send a message to the commissioner along with those team requests to help assure the commissioner actually accepted them. This has been fixed in 1.0.6 as a message field is now available and is passed along with the team request to the league commissioner via an alert email.

Another missing item was the ability of the commissioner to send a message back to the requester when denying a team request. The commissioner must now enter a message when denying team requests.

Speaking of messaging with the commissioner, a new button has been added to league home pages allowing users to send messages to the league commissioner. This allows users to get in touch with league GMs while maintain the privacy and security of their email accounts.

A new callout has been added to the My Profile to alert team owners when a trade offer is pending for them. This is in addition to the emails sent for trade offers and the trade information boxes on the Team -> Trade page.

Draft Fixes

While the draft received a good amount of attention in 1.0.5, there was still a couple lingering issues to tie up with this patch. These include:

  • An issue with running the draft timer that would foul up and corrupt the draft for all other leagues in the site
  • The draft summary email always displaying the draft results for round one in all summary round emails.
  • Draft start time issues across timezones. If a commissioner set the draft start to 9pm in the eastern US time zone, but users were in California, they would not be able to start the draft on time. This has been fixed with the addition of timezone support to the mod.
  • Auto draft would fail heading into the last round when Utility players were used on rosters.
  • Draft engine attemptng to make picks beyond the number of actual draft picks when auto drafting.


Spam bots are a huge issue for any member driven web site and to add an extra level of security on top of the user activation update in 1.0.5, the fourth patch now includes the ability to add reCAPTCHA human verification to public facing pages such as the register and contact forms.

Bug Fixes and new Upgrade Page

Numerous other bugs have been fixed across the board and a new patch upgrade page has been added to allow site admins to upgrade their site without having to login or make database changes manually. This may be a permanent replacement for the current in-game upgrade workflow which does not work when global attributes are required by the Base Controller and User management workflow as they are in 1.0.6.

The mod has seen some significant changes this year and every release tightens up the last open issues and adds some important functionality. We're so close to the final 1.0 release, it's time to excited about playing some OOTP Fantasy Baseball!

Are you ready for OOTP Fantasy Baseball?

The FINAL 1.0 release of the mod is coming Monday September 12, 2011. Start planning your league to be ready to go when the mod is released.

Get the mod today and start playing OOTP Fantasy baseball!

Download the latest stable release version from the official Download page. All the documentation you need is right there with the included Administrators Guide. New for 1.0.5 is the Commissioners Guide which includes all the instructions necessary to run your fantasy leagues.

Give Feedback

Sound off on the forums. Head over to the OOTP Fantasy Leagues forums to let us know your thoughts on the mod. Interact with other users and let us know if you’re running an OOTP Fantasy League.

Contribute to the development

Hack the source!

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is a 100% free and open source project. The source code is publicly available on GitHub.com. If you want to contribute to the development, simply head over to the official Github page, fork the project, hack the code and send pull request with your updates.

Want to help test?

Testing assures everything works as expected and that everyone gets the best fantasy experience possible. You can request to join the OOTP Fantasy Beta team. You’ll get access to join the beta demo season, access to the private development and beta testing topics on the mod forum and exclusive access to features and changes BEFORE they become public. Use the official contact form to request to join the team today


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