Road to 1.0: What’s Still To Come

Tomorrow is the big day. The public release of the 1.0 beta of the OOTP Fantasy Leagues. You’ve now seen what’s included in the first release and screen grabs of many of the views and tools. Today, we’re going to talk about another important facet, the road still ahead.

While the 1.0 release is feature complete for what I wanted to accomplish, there is still a lot that is on the list of what I’d like to eventually fold into the mod. As anyone can attest to, it’s just a matter of time and energy.

I plan to release the mod source code to Google Code to help open it up to collaborative efforts from other coders out there. Since the mod is based on both MVC and the open source CodeIgniter platform, I hope people find it easy to learn the code and find ways to customize it to their liking. All I ask is that if you add something cool or useful, please post it back to the Contributions forum on our board.

Here is a rough list of what is to come and an approximate release list:


Trades – Seems like it should be a no-brainer for 1.0, but the level of effort would have pushed the beta dates back a while. I am working on a plan to making coding this an easy addition for a quick 1.1

Social Media Options – Buttons to post news to Twitter and Facebook as well as to share on numerous other social sites.

League Schedule Editor – A tool for commissioners to edit the league schedule (for example to add playoff games)

User Messaging System – A system to support personal messages for users.


Service Time – A summary of players service time per sim

Roster Grid – Roster Breakdown by team


Admin Dashboard Enhancements


Draft Enhancements

Stats Display Enhancements


Additional Scoring Modes – Rotisseries, 5×5 Roto, Roto Plus and Head-to-Head categories

I’m open to suggestions for new features as well. Thanks to the PEBA for all their suggestions and contributions to this list thus far.


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