Road to 1.0 – Closing the loop

The Road to 1.0 is a series of articles chronicling the journey of this mod from conception to full 1.0 release. Follow the OOTP Fantasy leagues Development Blog at: http://www.ootpfantasyleagues.com/category/development/.

Boy it’s been an extremely busy couple of months lately. Between some extreme goings on at work, tons of things happening with the family (happy 5th Lila!) and just life in general, plowing through the last update has required many, many nights burning a number of cans of midnight oil to get done. Why don’t I drink red bull, I have wonder. This mod is truly a labor of love, but there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

The work to close the loop on the feature set for a full 1.0 release is coming to a close April 18th. Version 1.0.5 Beta includes the last major features missing to complete the full release. And those two big features are Trades and Rotisserie Scoring.

The long road winds down

I began work on the Fantasy league mod over one year now and although I released the first beta back in September 2010, I knew that it wasn’t feature complete and 100% ready for prime time. Despite having support for loading data from any type of Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) game, creating unlimited number of leagues, supporting head to head scoring, handling multiple type of roster transactions like add/drop and waivers, the mod was lacking these last two big features.

In polling those using and beta testing the mod, it was clear that despite my own interest in revamping the technical framework of the site, the mod would truly need to support the minimum of features other popular fantasy sites like ESPN and Yahoo fantasy baseball leagues to truly be considered a viable tool to engage audiences for online league commissioners.

Well, after two more months of incremental work, I’m glad to say that the fantasy mod is now what I consider feature complete for its 1.0 release. Trades and Rotisserie scoring were the two major features on my list I held back from the initial release last year to get a version out for people to test and review. And as of coming April 18, they will have finally arrived.

It’s very exciting for me to see these two features added to the mod and checked off the “to-do” feature list.

Stay Tuned for the next great wave of screen grabs.

Want to contribute?

OOTP Fantasy Leagues is 100% free and open source and the source is publicly available on GitHub. Head over to the official Github page, fork it and send a pull request with your updates.

The next beta season is also fast approaching. Want to own an OOTP Fantasy Team and help test the mod? Sing up on the fourms, send a note via the contact page and let me know you’d like to test. All help big and small is appreciated.


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