Quick Change of Plans

I planned to release 1.0.3 (patch #3) tomorrow morning but I’ve had a quick last minute shift in idea.

I have some real big picture overarching stuff I want to do with the mod (and more specifically to the CodeIgniter extensions that form the foundation of the mod) and I don’t want to keep putting off jumping into them.

So I plan to add two last enchantments to the mod, a league schedule editor (in progress) and a scoring period editor (requested by peba commissioner Corsairs). I feel these two additions will at least let online league owners run some fantasy season while the mod is in beta and I can then turn my focus from the mod specifically and onto the larger big picture items i want to hit.

In the short term, this is likely to irk a few folks who want trade support, rotisserie scoring support and some of the other goodies I have on my list. The long term benefit, however, to both the source code and the end users are substantial for me to feel this is a justified move.

I’ll be making notes of and discussing the progress of this shift in direction over the coming months. As for patch #3, I’m hopeful I could have a version out by Wednesday or Thursday, but most likely another 10 days from now. So stay tuned.


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