1.0 Public Beta Release and Plans for 1.1

I am very excited about the upcoming release of the first public beta version of OOTP Fantasy Leagues. What started as a custom two page addition to Frank Holmes StatsLab has morphed into it’s own unique and challenging animal of a project. It’s one of my most ambitious personal development projects I’ve ever attempted and I’ve attempted a few.

What will the public 1.0 beta entail? I will release the code for interested users to download and install on their own servers and then pretty much wait for the bugs and feedback to start rolling in. At this point and time, the site is feature complete for what I want in the 1.0 release so I wont be adding much, if anything, to the 1.0 final release. Just cleanup what is there already if need be. For what I wanted to do and could accomplish time wise this summer, I am very happy with the feature list thus far.

Working with John Rodriguez (Corsairs in the OOTP Forums) and the rest of the private BEBA and OOTP beta team gave me the chance to test drive the site and it’s features and get some critical feedback from real users on what they’d need to actually use the mod on a daily basis. What we worked out and added to the 1.0 release adds, in my mind, at least, the most critical and important scouting and management tools that are necessary for people to start enjoying this with their own online leagues.

My ultimate hope and goal here is that the mod adds a new dimension of immersion and just plain fun to the running of OOTP online league for their commissioners.

As for what’s next after the 1.0 release. I already have a loooong list of possible additions to a 1.1 update and beyond.

One might ask though, why would you want to try and move this project from hobbyist work to full out development and release all within working and having a third child (which is in itself a full time job sometimes too). Well, i guess it’s just in my nature to want to express myself. Anything that helps promote and can help to benefit a game that has given me many hours of fun and challenging distraction from life little complexities is well worth the effort to me.


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