Patch #4 is on the way (with screengrabs)

Hey call it developers prerogative to change their minds.

I’ve seriously gone back and forth on the re-architecture of the mod and while I do have grandiose plans for the future of the framework and CMS tools that power OOTP Fantasy Leagues, I felt a strong desire to

  1. Run another beta fantasy season
  2. See the last big “must have” features baked into a final 1.0 release

New Features

So after some internal hemming and hawing and despite some very long, late nights of coding, patch #4 is well underway and on it’s way. Here’s a quick rundown of the major additions general users will see with this update:

  • Trades
  • Rotisseries scoring (Standard 4×4 roto with potential for an extreme 12×12 roto league)

Admins have seems to get some good stuff each patch and #4 is no different. Admins will see:

  • Update news tools for player news
  • Sim Processing Summaries
  • A faster, more efficient sim processing engine

There are likely to be a few more little things thrown in for good measure, but that’s the bulk of it for now.

And just to keep the enthusiasm up until patch four comes out, here are a few screen grabs as well.

Want to contribute?

Head over to the official Github page, fork it and send me a pull request with your updates.


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