Is the FoxR Project Dead? Hells No!

Not dead at all. Just sort of, waiting for time to jump back in again.

Just given the events of the past year shifting some of the focus of web development off Flash, I’ve been forced to adapt and focus my collective energies elsewhere. After several years focusing on FoxR, I also shifted gears to work on an open source PHP project based on Codeigniter, OOTP Fantasy Leagues.

But my interest in FoxR and what I want to do with it is still alive. Just sort of in limbo for the moment. I appreciate comments or feedback in the meantime.


Jeff Fox is an over twenty-year web developer and digital user experience technology leader. Jeff cut his teeth in the Web's early days and is mainly self-taught in his professional skills. Having worked for a broad number of companies has helped build skills in development, organization and public speaking. In addition to being a passionate developer and technical speaker, Jeff is a dedicated tech and sci-fi geek gladly indulging in Doctor Who and Star Wars marathons. He is also a talented musician, writer and proud father of three little Foxies. And don't get him started about his San Francisco Giants.

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