FoxR on GitHub

The FoxR project has officially been brought to GitHub. I’m excited about this move because GitHub is one of the most up-and-coming areas of collaborative open source development. I’m hoping it will help get a few more eyeballs on the library and maybe ven some people forking and adding ideas to it themselves.


After almost six months of dormancy, I have a few ideas for some small updates for a 0.3 release, then I think it’s time make some demos already to show off just how FoxR can help achieve the goals I’ve outlined for it. It should be a busy summer for me, but I hope to squeeze in as much as I can to keep things moving forward.


Jeff Fox is an almost twenty year web front end/ digital user experience technology leader. He cut his teeth in the web's early days and has worked for fortune 100 companies, small startup agencies and several companies in between. In addition to being a passionate developer and technical speaker, Jeff is a dedicated tech and sci-fi geek gladly indulging in Doctor Who and Star Wars marathons. He is also a talented musician, writer and proud father of three little Foxies. And don't get him started about his San Francisco Giants.

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