Fox Open Sports Platform 0.3 Beta Released

img_logo_fosp_wbkgdI am excited to announce the release of the Fox Open Sports Platform Beta version 0.3. The release marks almost a year and a half of development and some very exciting and important changes to the platform overall.

First and most importantly, this release features the all-new Open Sports Toolkit. What is that? It’s an open-source library designed to help developers of stats driven sports sites design and build their sites with the utmost of ease.

Need a page of player stats? No problem! Need a quick stats widget to drop into a page? It’s designed to help make the process as quick and easy as possible. Best of all, it’s written to support multiple sports using a highly abstracted system of customizable sports drivers. There’s even a module included to demonstrate how to use the library to pull a simple list of team stats to get people started. Being just the very first release of this new direction for the library, there’s more to be done down the road, but I’m very excited to release and announce this very exciting new tool into the wild.

There are also changes to the League Manager module which can be used by owners of online sports leagues to manage and promote their league’s news and stats content. There’s also a Players module for displaying player stats and info, a Playoffs module to display playoff summaries. The Last Sim module has also received updates to allow it to share game information widgets across the platform.

The OOTP Storylines module also receives some updates to make it compatible with OOTP 14 storyline changes and add two new features as well. For stability, the platform was also updated to the final 0.6 release of the Bonfire Admin library and CodeIgniter 2.1.1.

Download the 0.3 release or read more on the official Fox Open Sports Platform page.

Check out the demo web site to see it in action for yourself. Log in using email demo@user.com and password demoUser01.

Browse and fork the library of modules on Github.

Talk about the platform on the OOTP forums.


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