MEAN Stack based cryptocurrency wallet application.


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April, 2020
A free MEAN based Single Page Application (SPA) project freely available for forking, customizing and publishing.

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  • img_logo_olm_150x150Foxtrot is a browser-based example of a cryptocurrency wallet application designed and built to serve as an example of how to build Single Page Applications using the MEAN Stack. Foxtrot is open source and freely available to be forked and used as a basis for other MEAN stack apps.



    • Angular based Authenticated login
    • Send and receive coin screen
    • Coin Exchange screen
    • About page
    • NodeJS based REST backend for saving and storing account and trade data
    • MIT licensed
    IMPORTANT NOTE! Do NOT use Foxtrot as the basis of a live cryptocurrency application. High-grade encryption and security features were not part of the features or goals of the project thus far.


    Credits and Thanks

    Sahat Yalkabov’s Hackathon Starter project serves as a boilerplate framework of the app. Foxtrot also uses code from the Angular Authentication project posted by at: