Change Log

FoxR Framework

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December 14, 2009
– Greatly improved AsDoc comments


October 21, 2009

– Added missing class to com.foxr.util package
– Fixed display issues with, and
– Added more BB Code conversions to
– Fixed Validation of Email Addresses in Form class

New Classes:
DateUtils (com.foxr.util)


September 24, 2009

Major Changes:

Automatic user Access Work flow:
– Completed functionality for automatic project wide authentication as well as point of
need authentication.
– Modified work flow to allow developers to prepare the data for delivery to the server and
handle the response via custom Command objects in the project template. Handlers are set
in the file.

– Added support for adapters to accept a generic JSON style object of data arguments and
convert it into the type of request object needed. This affects Adapter, AdapterXML, AdapterHTTP,
AdapterAMF and AdapterSOAP
– Added SOAP adapter utilizing Carlo Alducente’s Web Services library
– Element:
– Added global ID attribute
– Added CSSClass attribute
– Added render() function that is called after object is added to stage. Automatically applies
Css attributes if a CSS style matching the instance name is found in the CSS Proxy. Also applies
properties of the CSSClass if it is set
– CompoundElement:
– Added cssTextStyle attribute to automatically apply CSS text styles to default child TextElement
– TextElement:
– Fixed String property to use text values from the GPM Copy Model’s getCopyString() method
– Updated setDynamicCopyString to use the above conventions for resolving a string argument and call setDynamicCopyYext() to perform the actual replacement
– Added setDynamicCopyText() function to perform dynamic text replacement on a passed text argument
– Added cssTextClass support
– TextInput:
– Added format attribute for application of a form validation type
– Fixed issues resulting from application of value to text field when it shouldn’t have been
– Message:
– Fixed Blocking Layer to apply standard properties as well as custom CSS styles
– Dialog:
– Overwrote hide() function to hide the dialog.
– Updated button click events to call hide()
– GlobalConstants:
– Added Blocking style constants
– MessageMediator:
– Fixed issues resulting in setChildIndex errors and the blocking layer not working
– Form:
_ improved message outputs
– ListItem:
– Image:
– Removed conflicting ID attributes
– ScrollbarButton:
– Added properties for sizing and styling the buttons arrow
– Fixed rendering issues where it did not properaly align the arrows
– StandardButton:
– Added functions to support MouseDown color styles
– Fixed bug in StandardButton where mouseOver and mouseOut styles were incorrectly applied
– Added a new UNIFORM property to apply similar height and width values
– LuminicBox package
– Added FlashInspector.swf to LuminicBox package

New Classes:
FlashCookie (
AudioEvent (com.foxr.event)
AudioProxy (
AdapterSOAP (
BaseRequest (
BaseResponse (

July 26, 2009
– Initial Release