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Download Version 0.2.2

December 14, 2009

Download FoxR 0.2.2

More about FoxR

FoxRFoxR (pronounced simply as fox-er) is an open source development framework written in ActionScript 3. It is based upon the AS3 port of the popular PureMvc framework.

What can you do with FoxR

FoxR serves as a template to begin building rich internet web sites and applications using a standardized architecture and custom component library. It imparts many of the same standards used in HTML 5 and CSS development to Flash to create a uniformed development experience.

Why do you need FoxR?

There is one consistently glaring problem when it comes to developing for Flash: A lack of consistency in the way both organizations and individuals go about developing for Flash.

From poorly thought out architectures to timeline based code development, no two Flash projects ever seem to be developed the same. Outside of Flex development, consistency, reuse and efficiency are constantly thrown aside in the name of producing the most code as fast as possible without any thought given to the maintenance, upkeep or reuse of what is produced.

This not only wastes time during the initial stages of a project by requiring the movie’s infrastructure to be constantly built from the ground up, but it also prevents easy, cost effective maintenance thereby driving down the overall ROI for the project.

Poor project ROI. No code reuse. Poor code design and development. There had to be a better way.


FoxR is an attempt to define a single MVC architecture that can be reused to streamline the initial stages of Flash development and help provide a consistent workflow for your project’s design, development and maintenance.

To this end, FoxR has three primary goals:

  1. Provide a consistent code and visual architecture to streamline the initial stages of developing RIA and Flash Web site applications
  2. Provide a streamlined system for adding content to and defining the look & feel of Flash applications via Web standard conventions like CSS and XML
  3. Provide workflow enhancement tools like visual components, external service adapters, internal proxies and utility classes

Contributions of ideas, suggestions and bug testing have also been made by fellow Flash developers like Richard Kelly, Thayin Burns, Anthony Cintron and Jordan Wilson.

Technical Details

Language: ActionScript 3

Supported platforms: Flash Player 9+

Supported IDEs: Flash Develop, Eclipse, Flex/Flash Builder 3+, SE|PY, FDT, Flash CS3+

Dependencies: PureMVC, Tweener, LuminicBox, AdobeCore Lib ( only)
NOTE: All required dependent packages are included with each release of the library.

Author(s): Jeff Fox, Lead Developer

License: MIT License