Fox Open Sports Platform

Open Source PHP library to build stats driven sports web sites

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10/26/13, Complete Installation
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More about Fox Open Sports Platform


The Fox Open Sports Platform (FOSP) is a free open-source collection of tools for developers to use in building stats driven sports web sites. it is primarily geared towards sports simulation games such as Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP), but it can be adapted to suit any statistic source as needed.

The FOSP is built on top of the open-source PHP framework CodeIgniter and uses and extends the HMVC library Bonfire v0.6.1 for its HMVC design and workflow.


  • Customized fork of the Bonfire Admin Framework version 0.6 with the FOSP custom context
  • Tools to manage online sports leagues
  • Abstracted sports statistic API
  • News module to manage new content
  • Comments module to enable community feedback
  • Custom navigation module to manage site menus

Live Demo

Check out the demo web site to see it in action for yourself. Log in using email and password demoUser01.

What’s included in the FOSP?

    • FOSP Online League Manager – A collection of modules for online league owners to build and maintain web sites for their online leagues. Includes additional modules to support News content, user comments and
    • The Open Sports Toolkit (OST) – Provides a standard API and toolset to allow for the abstraction of statistical data from different sports and simulation game sources.
  • OOTP Storylines Editor: Community Edition – A community-driven edition of the OOTP Storyline editor to let end users build and deploy their own OOTP Storylines.