A Giants fan at CitiField

So my wife and I partook in our yearly outing to see the San Francisco Giants play the New York Mets, but with a new twist. This year the outing was at the new Citi Field.

Due to the fact that there’s a down economy and the Foxes are watching our dollars and cents, I honestly did not expect to partake in my yearly outing this season. But luckily my wife decided I deserved the chance to see my G-Men (and a competitive team no less) so she bestowed me with tickets once again.

So what was my take away from this years game?

Well first the Giants lost in a shutout thrown by starter Bobby Parnell of all people. They had a couple moments of looking like they might get something going, then…no.

Second, CitiField is nice. Very nice. It’s intimate, has a great estetic to it and the open concourse design (which brought back fond memories of Wrigley Field) are a very nice new feature. Thanks to our seat assignment, we were also able to partake in the Ceasar;s Lounge, which looked more like it should be location on an upscale Westin Club floor that in a ball park. I also go to take my lap around the stadium visiting the big food court behind center field and the bar just off right field.

Lastly, I tweeted about the fact that as a Giants fan in New York, I get NO love from the hometown crowd. Most folks rib me about moving out to SF like the Giants did and that they stopped being a real time after 57′ (the last year in NY). But were I just another Mets fan, I would simply blend into the masses at the ballpark and never really nod, speak or bind with any of the other fans. But being a Giants fan, everyone in a black and orange SF cap, Giants shirt or Jersey is an instant friend. We greet one another with a nod, a “Go G-men” or other type of acknowledgement that we are indeed the minority and it’s good to have a friend in what is otherwise a hostile environment. Granted, it’s nothing like being a proud Giants fan in Los Angeles, but I’ll take it.

So all positives from CitiField this year. Hopefully I’ll be back again for another (hopefully winning game next year,


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