1.0 Public Beta to be Released September 27th

The public beta release of OOTP Fantasy Leagues 1.0 is currently going to be Monday, September 27th. The source files to load and install the mod onto user web servers will be posted to this site, the OOTP Public Forums and sent to PadresFan for inclusion on his mods site as well.

A full administrators guide is currently being completed and will be released alongside the source code. A users guide is in the works and will be ready for the final 1.0 release (for which no release date is currently set).

Once the beta is released to the wild I will also be release the source code for the project to the open source community via either GoogleCode or GitHub. If anyone has any preference, please let me know.

I’m very excited and happy to see almost 2 years of different types of development work culminate in this release. See you in a week and a half!


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